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From: Ben
Subject: Family Traditions - Introducing my son to family traditions. (Parts 4
WITH OTHER MEN.After a month had passed, my two brother had left our
house, not before having more sex in a month than they
ever had in a year. I thought my son needed a rest
because he had his asshole stretched wider that his
mouth could open, but, he didn't think the same, he
just wanted to take more and more cock than I could
give him, after I had fucked him four or five times a
day, he always wanted non nude model lolicon
more. So I had to work on
something to lower a bit his cock craving. So I took
him to the gym, and told him he had to work a lot on
his body to grow up to be a real muscle hunk like his
father and uncles. He obeyed like a good little boy he
was. So, we both worked more and more on our bodies.
Having sex and working out at the gym two or three
hours daily, he was growing up to be the man I wanted
him to be. He's now sixteen, and he's way more
muscular than I thought he would be at that age. He's
also as tall as me now. I also stopped calling him
Mikey, and called him Mike since he's grown up so
much. He also stopped calling me "Daddy", I'm his Dad
now. The baby talk has finished for now. Now he's a
teenager turning fast into a man. Every one of his
muscles were growing and growing each day. I specially
paid attention on his ass and chest. His ass was big
and rock hard. His chest was also big, heavy, hanging
low over his abs, it bounced nicely when he moved or
walked --they were good thing to see when he was at the
gym jumping the rope as an aerobic exercise. They
almost looked like the a chick's breast, but of
course, a lot more wider. His back muscles were also
my concern. I wanted him to have a tight waist line
and wide shoulders. His shoulders were also round and
big. What better protein could he have from artificial
complements that his fathers cum. I also used a pump
to get his nipples bigger. A wide muscled chest is not
perfect without a good pair of large nipples to make
them look good. We both ate very nutritiously and
worked our bodies for better sex sessions. Now, he was
ready for his next lessons. I was going to teach him
how fuck ass good and how to get men from out of the
family. It was of course gonna be easier with his new
body. He worked hard on it and he deserved good
rewards. He was a fine cocksucker and now he had to
learn to fuck ass well.
I could see how men would get hardons just looking at
my boy working on his body at the gym. So I figured I
could teach him both lessons at a time. We were at the
gym when I told him aloud to get in to the locker room
so that I could measure up his muscle growth. Many men
turned their heads to see what was gonna happen, and
invent an excuse to get to the locker room and see my
boy being measured up by his father, when...."Mike, lets go to the locker room. It's been a long
time since I have measured your body. I can see you've
put more muscle on it, so lets see your improvement in
these past four months."
"Ok Dad, see ya in a minute there, just gotta finish
this set to pump up my chest a bit more."While I walked towards the locker room I could see the
sweating faces of men around. I could also see some
big hardons and big asses waiting for my son to open
them wide. Then, in the locker room I got naked and
waited for my son a few minutes, till he arrived, all
covered with sweat and breathing heavily cause of his
hard weight lifting routine."Come here Mike, and lets get your 100 lolita xxx a shower before we
measure you."We went in to the showers and the steam was getting
heavy. Since we were alone I started to leather up his
body with a soap bar."Dad! Don't do that here! You're gonna make me shoot
if you keep it up. Lifting all that weight out there
made me horny enough to make it almost impossible to
hide my hardon, and your hands rubbing my body are
making my cock drip."
"That's the idea son. I'm getting a little bored of
just fucking you, so Dad wants to try some new things
"Yeah? What's that?"
"Well, you'll see Mike. You just let yourself enjoy
this. I can see your cock is all ready."I knelt on the floor and started sucking on my son's
cock so fucking hard he was moaning like a hungry
bear."Aaaahhhhh, aaaaaahhhhh Dad! I think I'm gonna cum
"Wait a minute Mike, I want you to cum in my ass
today. Stick that cock in me right now son! Do exactly
as I have been doing with you all these years, Mike,
show me how much you love pleasing your dad, and how
much you have learned to give by receiving."I bent over and he placed his cockhead on my asshole.
Then, I pushed a bit, and he just pushed as hard as I
had fucked him the past years. In one hard pump he
buried his now 8 inch cock in my ass. I could see some
faces in the shower, and I assumed that men in the
weight room were all gathering up in the showers to
see this."Oooooookeeey Mike! I can see you really learn. Fuck
your dads ass really hard. Make me feel like you
really want to make your dad fly! Come on Mike, that's
it, push it lolita free porn galleries al the way in and all the way out. Pump my
ass hard! Pump my hungry ass son!" He was pumping so
hard, I thought he was gonna rip my ass."Dad, you are so tight, I think I can't last much
longer. I'm gonna shoot my load up your ass."
"Give it to me son, give your dad your creamy load. I
wanna feel my sons hot milk up my ass. Fill my asshole
with it son, fill it up!" -- He shot so much and so
hard, I felt as if I was gonna spit his cum. He shot 6
or 7 thick young models sites lolitas
spurts I could feel my asshole hot and wet.
We couldn't see the rest of the men that were hiding
in the steam of the hot water, but we could hear some
low moans. We just rinsed and went back to the locker
room."Mike, come here, I'm gonna measure your body before
we go home." Both still naked, went to a bench and I
started to measure his chest, waist, shoulders, legs,
and saying his measures out loud so that the other men
could hear and start to get hornier. --"Well Mike, I
can see you are really growing more muscle every
time."--Then, two men that were in the shower were
standing in front of us, so I called them to help me
out, which they gladly did."Hey guy, could you give me a hand here? I need you
both to help me measure up my son well." -- www lolita top com "Of course
Michael, we'll help lolitas top model nn you with your son."--"Here guys,
grab the measuring tape and help me measure his chest,
I can't reach him all the way around." --So both guys
helped out and grabbed the measuring tape not wasting
any opportunity to touch young models sites lolitas
his huge chest and pad it."Michael, you boy is really growing a nice chest huh,
he's making me jealous." --said one of the men."Well guys, tough him all you want, it's not often you
can see a chest like this one. You can touch him, you
have my permission to touch his chest."Then the other man grabbed Mike's ass and said "Well,
I can see that his ass is also growing huge man. Look
at this ass, it look like two hard melons. They also
feel so nice and worked. You don't mind if I....""Of course not guys. Why don't you give him a good
massage and get him relaxed from his hard routine."The guys didn't think it twice when they had him on
the bench and started giving him a good hard massage
and my son had a huge throbbing hardon dripping
precum. While I reached with my hand and took his
precum with my fingers, I told them Mike needed
another muscle massaged, and I grabbed my son's cock
hard at the base, making his cockhead turn read and
huge. The man massaging my sons legs moved his mouth
quickly towards my sons cock, and started sucking like
he had been on a cock diet for a year. The other man
started sucking on my sons nipples while I just stood
there, watching and playing with my cock. Then, the
man sucking my sons cock, moved his ass to my sons
cock, and sat on it like a professional cowboy. He
started riding my boys cock moaning low and hard. The
other one sat on my sons hard chest and made Mike suck
his throbbing cock. Then, I was so hot and needed to
cum, and the sight of my sons asshole being free for
me made me just push my 12 inch cock in my son's ass.
I started fucking him like he liked to, and the man on
my son's cock was taking my son's cock deep inside his
asshole. I could see his ass open to receive my son's
cock all the way in. The other one was moaning harder,
so I could sense that he was getting closer to shoot
his load in my son's mouth. Then, four other guys were
all gathered up around us, jerking of and ready to
shoot some cum. Then, while I was still pumping my
son's ass, the man riding my son's cock said he was
about to shoot. I told him to stand up behind my sons
asshole and shoot his cum in my son's hole. As soon as
he placed his cock head in my sons asshole, he shot
his load in my son's asshole. Soon, he was replaced by
one of the other men that had arrived, who sat on my
son's cock riding him ass well as the guy before him
had done. I kept pumping him hard lubricated with the
other guy's cum, when the guy that was taking my son's
cock said he was about to shoot, so I told him to also
cum in Mike's asshole. The other little young nympho lolitas three guy watching
couldn't wait much longer, so they wanted to cum. But,
since they seemed to need to empty those balls all at
the same time, only one shot his load up my son's ass,
the other two shot their loads on his face and chest.
Then I told my son to let me lay on the bench, and
told him to sit on my dick. Mike started to ride my 12
inch cock jumpin' and pumpin', moaning and breathing
heavily. His low hanging muscled chest was bouncing
and dripping cum from two men that had just cum on his
chest. His man tits were really milking this time. The
cum of the tree guys that had cum in my son's asshole
was lubricating and dripping out of my son's ass. It
was running trough my cock and my asshole too. The
sight of his bouncing man tits and the sensation of my
sons hole with the other men's cum was so hot that the
other guys started to shoot again all over my son and
me. I couldn't hold much longer, so I shot my load in
my son's ass right after my son started shooting his
load on my chest and face.We all rested on the bench and on the floor next to
it. We were all rubbing our cum on my son's chest. But
the smell of man milk tiny cuties lollies young
just brought my son back to life
and since we were all tired because of all the
excitement that had little young nympho lolitas
just passed, we were all laying on
the floor. Mike didn't let pass the opportunity to
fuck the first ass he saw, and the guy were so relaxed
that they just let him fuck them as he was just fucked
--really hard.Finally, he got to me, and he fucked me for what
seemed to be 20 minutes. Then, he rewarded me with his
thick cum. His third cum was all for me. He shot his
load in my asshole and when he finished, he passed
away.The guys were all tired and couldn't move a muscle. It
looks like they are not as used to being fucked so
much, so they just laid there on the floor and on the
bench. Mike and I got up, and wet home.My son was so tired, he went to bed without taking a
shower again. He just stripped naked and dropped on
the bed with his ass up. I decided to clean him up,
but I wanted to do this with my tongue. I started to
lick his cum pouring ass until I had it al clean. I
sucked all the cum of the men that had cum in my son's
ass. When I finished cleaning his hole, I was so horny
that I needed to fuck my son again. I fucked him hard
for a while, he never woke up, just moaned a bit, and
moved his ass. When I came again in his ass, tiny cuties lollies young I just
kissed him and fell asleep on top of him.
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